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      Beijing Corebo participated in the 5th China Smart City (International) Innovation Conference, Shenyang Smart Energy Management Platform was launched


          On November 3, 2018, the 5th China Smart City (International) Innovation Congress was held in Shenyang, sponsored by the National Development and Reform Commission's Center for Urban and Small Town Reform and Development, the Shenyang People's Government and the Smart City Development Alliance, and sponsored by the Shenyang Big Data Management Bureau and the Shenyang Information Center. The former mayor of Chongqing and the financial and economic member of the 12th National People's Congress of China were successfully convened in Shenyang. Several famous experts and scholars, such as Huang Qifan, Vice Chairman of the Committee, made keynote speeches. People's Network, China Networks, Economic Daily and other media supported the report.

          Li Ying, Director of Shenyang Big Data Management Bureau, Zheng Xiangdong, Vice President of Hunnan District People's Government, and Yang Zesheng, Chairman of McAudi Electric Co., Ltd. jointly launched the launch ceremony of Shenyang Intelligent Energy Management Platform. Shenyang Intelligent Energy Management Platform is the first online city intelligent energy management platform in China. It is developed by Beijing Corebo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and operated by Shenyang McAudi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The formal operation of the platform will play an important role in promoting the construction of new intelligent cities, improving the efficiency of urban energy utilization, building green cities, building city-level intelligent energy system, promoting the construction of Shenyang intelligent energy, reducing the energy cost of enterprises, improving the level of urban management services and promoting the development of urban science. Beijing Keruibo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to make unremitting efforts, demand-oriented, customer satisfaction goals, in accordance with the concept of cooperation, openness and sharing, constantly enrich and improve the functions of intelligent energy management platform, improve technology content, let energy "wisdom" rise, contribute to the realization of national energy revolution development goals, and add to the construction of Shenyang's smart city. Color!

          Beijing Keruibo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the conference. At the sub-forum of Shenyang Intelligent Energy Management Platform, Chief Technology Officer Jin Xiaoming shared his understanding and experience on the connotation of the energy internet, the promotion of the landing of the energy internet, the concept of the development and construction of the intelligent energy platform, the technical framework, the functional orientation and the value to users. With professional experience in energy industry research and excellent information technology service capabilities, Beijing Corebo is committed to four major business tasks: development, construction and operation of intelligent energy management platform, integrated energy service consultation, construction and development of integrated energy system and general contracting of overseas new energy projects, focusing on smart energy, smart transportation, Characteristic Towns and smart cities. Customers provide customer-centric integrated energy services solutions.

          According to the idea of "master plan, step-by-step implementation, first-level deployment and multi-level application", Beijing Keruibo Company realizes the efficient monitoring, management and operation of energy resources, constructs the open sharing system and market trading system of energy internet, realizes the application of energy big data services and business model innovation, and intelligently collects and intelligently collects power consumption data and integrates energy efficiency. The management and distributed energy storage business has achieved gratifying results, and has been highly recognized and praised by industry experts.

          Using cloud computing, big data and mobile Internet technology, the system independently develops an integrated system of electricity sales service with independent intellectual property rights. It can customize different versions according to provincial trading rules and business needs of various electricity sales companies.

          The electric power acquisition system collects relevant user information by collecting sensor devices or various external data interfaces. The data is collected and uploaded to the cloud platform through wireless communication technology such as 4G/5G/NB-IOT. The mainstream Internet of Things and big data technology are used in the cloud platform to process, clean and process the data. Finally, through mobile phones, PC, large screen terminal display.

          The integrated energy efficiency management system displays and monitors the supply and use of energy media, such as electricity, water, gas, heat, cold, coal and oil, collects energy consumption data, collects, processes and analyses energy data to achieve real-time management and optimization of energy monitoring, energy efficiency analysis, energy saving transformation, assessment management and energy audit.

          In recent years, with the implementation of national energy saving and emission reduction policies, energy storage has gradually become the sixth link of power production. With the introduction of energy storage link in power system, demand side management can be effectively realized, peak-valley difference between day and night can be eliminated, and load can be smoothed. It can not only make more effective use of power equipment, reduce power supply cost, but also promote the application of renewable energy. It can also be used as a means to improve the stability of system operation, adjust frequency and compensate for load fluctuation

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