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      Beijing Coreboard and Kelu Electronics Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement


      On March 15, 2017, the company signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Kelu Electronics Co., Ltd. Based on the principles of "equality and mutual benefit, win-win cooperation, business integration and common development", the two sides will further establish a comprehensive strategic cooperative relationship of all-round, multi-dimensional and whole industrial chain through strong and strong alliance and complementary advantages.

      The two sides will cooperate in the following areas to promote the development of energy and ecological industries.

      Cooperate to promote the operation of new energy vehicles throughout the country, and realize the ecosphere of storage-charging linkage and multi-energy complementarity combined with large data analysis platform.

      We will cooperate to promote the landing of overseas projects and actively cooperate with large-scale energy storage projects such as optical storage power stations and wind storage power stations.

      Cooperate to promote the overall ecological operation of new energy vehicles, build an infrastructure information cloud platform of "people, vehicles and piles". Priority should be given to the construction of charging stations for new energy vehicles such as buses and tourist routes in the region by PPP cooperation mode; strive for subsidy policies and subsidy indicators for new energy vehicles, and cooperate in the construction of public charging three-dimensional storehouse and centralized charging network platform.

      Cooperate to promote the transformation of smart microgrid for storage and distribution and the construction of energy Internet demonstration area

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