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      The first communication meeting of xiamen energy Internet project landing company was held smoothly


        As the national energy administration of xiamen energy Internet demonstration project approval, the energy Internet project officially entered the implementation stage, in order to promote the project as soon as possible landing wisdom energy implementation work's psa, xiamen port group, Beijing farce bo, sifang following the bartender and guangdong electric power design institute jointly formed a working group to carry out the project implementation landing.

      On March 9, 2017, Beijing kerui bo zhang xiaojun, zhang cuixia, wang lu of guangdong power design institute and jiao bin of sifang jibao et al. communicated with ye dongwei, deputy general manager of xiamen port power service co., ltd. and lai yanhong, manager of engineering department, on the implementation of smart port of xiamen energy Internet project.

      At the beginning of the meeting, the knowledge and possible work contents related to smart port and smart energy were introduced by the technical personnel of sifang relay protection. On this basis, in-depth exchanges were carried out among various parties. Based on the actual situation of the port projects at present, the port affairs put forward opinions and Suggestions in terms of power selling companies, photovoltaic power generation, full-power terminals and full-power logistics.

      A consensus was reached at the meeting that a working group should be set up by Beijing krisb, sifang jibao and guangdong electric power design institute to form a targeted smart energy work plan for psa.

      At the same time, the meeting broke down the tasks and identified the key tasks for the next stage.

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