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      Beijing kereibo and sifang share signed a strategic cooperation agreement


        On November 2, 2016, Beijing krisbo energy technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing krisbo") and Beijing sifang jibao automation co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "sifang shares") signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Shi shengguang, President of CRB Beijing and zhang tao, President of sifang stock attended the signing ceremony and signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides. In the context of the new round of electricity reform, the two sides will combine their respective advantages, focus on the fields of industrial parks and urban energy Internet, and conduct domestic and international cooperation on such key businesses as electricity sales, incremental distribution network, port power supply and comprehensive energy service platform.

      During the discussion and exchange, general manager shi first introduced the progress of several energy Internet projects currently carried out by Beijing kerui, and analyzed the implementation basis of bilateral cooperation. Shi and zhang jointly analyzed the current energy Internet development trend. It is agreed that under the "One Belt And One Road" energy strategy, energy Internet, as an energy system, has become a new form of national strategy. The importance of energy revolution and energy Internet is beyond doubt. Electricity to the China's energy in the development of the Internet's largest institutional bonus, now sell electricity companies are eager to through the enclosure with as soon as possible to carry out the subsequent sell electricity service and comprehensive energy services, all of this energy to the Internet in the park, urban complex situations, such as energy even fall to the ground, bring more the interests of the driving force, and energy to both sides in the Internet and created more cooperation space in overseas markets.


      In view of the advantages of Beijing kerui bo company in the integration of resources and system planning, and the advantages of sifang stock in the development of products and technology, the advantages are integrated to form a comprehensive strength advantage. Developing in a groping stage but in the fierce competition of China's energy new Internet formats, the two sides cooperate, complementary advantages, through large data as a support, to a system planning, based on the domestic energy Internet demonstration project, further expand the domestic foreign project cooperation, integration of resources to cultivate team, jointly create can be born on the implementation of high level energy Internet system platform, the construction of park, urban energy Internet project, for the country's green low carbon energy conservation and emissions reduction a hand, measures for reducing energy consumption to improve the capacity to provide service park enterprises.

      The two sides further defined the future work cooperation mode and work arrangement. In the future, technology research and engineering practice will be precisely linked, risks will be Shared, benefits will be Shared, energy Internet projects will be implemented jointly, and the corresponding "One Belt And One Road" energy strategy will be jointly developed in overseas markets. After the meeting, Mr. Shi and his delegation visited the EMC& security laboratory of sifang.

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