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      Joint Strong and Strong to Create Brilliance



           On October 18, 2016, the signing ceremony of cooperation between Beijing Corebo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beijing Corebo") and Foshan Foshan Foshan Electric Power Sales Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Foshan Electric Power Sales Company") was solemnly held in Jinlin International Metal Trade Plaza, Foshan City. Gao Yang, Chairman of Beijing Corebo, and Liang Shuyin, Chairman of Jinluo International Metal Exchange Plaza, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech. Beijing Corebo President Shi Shengguang and Foshan Electric Power Chairman Zhao Weijian signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides。


          Beijing Keruibo Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology and consulting service enterprise focusing on energy field, relying on high-end talent team and key technology, advanced energy management concepts and leading professional technology capabilities, developing core products and services differently, adhering to all customer-centered policies, providing customers with system-level solutions and full chain. Project services. Based on green, low-carbon and energy-saving, the company establishes an advanced distributed power generation platform, provides project chain services to customers, promotes the construction of energy Internet and smart energy community, and strives to become a leading enterprise providing a complete set of solutions for smart energy; provides macro-policy consultation for the government, and provides investment decision-making consultation for enterprises, including for power planning, renewable energy community. Energy Development, Distributed Energy and Microgrid Development, Energy Internet Development Consulting and EPC Project Consulting and Management, etc. have become stable partners of government departments, enterprises and domestic and foreign financial institutions, and well-known private think tanks in the field of energy and electricity.

          Foshan, the national manufacturing base, is also the largest stainless steel product distribution center in the country. Foshan Electric Power Sales Company mainly relies on Foshan Jinluo International Stainless Steel Industry Headquarters Base. Jinluo International itself is 15 million year-old electricity users. Jinluo International, the company's major shareholder, is a leading enterprise in the stainless steel industry. Nearly 1,000 enterprises are active in Jinluo International Metal Trade Square, and a large number of enterprises are connected upstream and downstream; these enterprises are all power users with larger electricity consumption, with no change. With the development of metallurgical industries such as stainless steel, steel and aluminium, the electricity market will be enlarged and there will be broad market development space for purchasing and selling electricity.


          Zhu Jun, general manager of Foshan Electric Power Sales Company, described the cooperation as "an important milestone", saying that the cooperation with Beijing Corebo will better grasp the good market opportunities for the development of energy Internet industry, save enterprise costs and enhance comprehensive competitiveness, which is of great significance to enhance the core competitiveness of both sides, and ultimately realize the integration of real economy and high-tech. Cooperative development, harmony and win-win situation.

          In mid-March 2015, the State Council published "Some Opinions of the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council on Further Deepening the Reform of the Electric Power System" (hereinafter referred to as Article 9) and put forward "Steady Promoting the Reform of the Electric Power Sale Side and Orderly Opening up the Electric Power Sale Business to Social Capital". Fo Electric Power Sale Company with high-quality power users came into being, while Beijing Keruibo has a team of senior It can provide professional solutions for purchasing and selling electricity business. With the current round of electricity reform, the two sides have conducted many rounds of in-depth discussions and consultations on electricity purchasing and selling cooperation. This cooperation can be described as a strong alliance, complementary advantages, full integration of market and technological resources, adding bricks to the reform of the power system, and also an important step forward in the cooperation of the two sides in the power market. Both sides indicated that they would strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the future to provide customers with affordable electricity prices and comprehensive and high-quality services.

          The president of Beijing Corebus Shishengguang said that relying on the high-quality user resources and advanced technical advantages of both sides, the cooperation is based on the large data platform of dynamic energy and electric power, with energy and electric power planning as the lead, relying on high-end human resources and leading technological capabilities, can provide users with professional electricity sales services and customized innovative comprehensive energy service solutions. To reduce the cost of electricity and achieve energy saving and emission reduction for users.

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