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      China development bank director Chen sun jiao and his delegation visited our company


      On October 13, 2016, Lin ruihua, commercial and legal manager of Beijing kerribor, and he yunsheng, project development manager, received Chen sunjiao, deputy director of the first bureau of China development bank (CDB) in their office in guangzhou. The two sides held talks on strengthening cooperation.

      At the meeting, deputy director Chen sunjiao, director wang jiansheng and deputy director Yang hongsheng were introduced to the organizational structure, main business of Beijing kerrib, as well as the ongoing energy Internet project in xiamen torch district, business of power selling company, and infrastructure projects in Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

      Chen Sunjiao, deputy director of analysis of the current economic development situation and power supply and demand relations, sell electricity companies and power grid enterprises facing the situation in the process of electric power system reform, the Beijing branch farce of sell electricity business and overseas project put forward valuable Suggestions, and willing to work with the Beijing branch of the China development bank said farce, project financing, or other financial services at home and abroad cooperation.

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