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      Message from the President

      Involved in such an environment where innovation and reform constantly exist in the time full of competition, it is a fortunate for Beijing GELPAG Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to participate in the energy field contributing our strength.

      Face up to ourselves - Holding the concept of client-oriented, we hope to provide systematic-level energy management solutions and full-chain project service at our own efforts. Based on the angle of green, low-carbon and energy saving, we are dedicated to create a new time for intelligent energy, providing premium consultant in order to become the well-known think tank in energy and power field.

      Base on the world - Every day, knowledge is being updated and market being optimized in the world. As a professional company dedicated in new energy and clean energy technology development and solutions after the restructuring of GELPAG Group Company, Beijing GELPAG Energy Technology Co., Ltd. hopes to create our own brand and features while we inherit the market experience, to eventually achieve our own professional and competitive advantage with our top-level talent team and key technologies.

      Outlook for the future - In spite of the long way ahead in the future, members of our company are ready to make any explorations and innovations bravely and actively adhering to the pragmatic, innovative, international enterprise culture with the best quality and greatest efficiency. Besides, we will spare no efforts finding a place in the world energy field with the advanced international concepts.

      “a man is not old as long as he is seeking something. a man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.

      ——(j. barrymore)”

      Beijing GELPAG Energy Technology Co., Ltd. will uphold the pragmatic and innovative enterprise spirit all the time to seek the opportunity for innovation and development and to maintain the courage to try and the pursuit to be excellent.

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