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      Company Profile

      Beijing GELPAG Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology and service consultancy company that is specialized in the energy industry. Supported with high-end talent team, key technologies, advanced energy management concepts and the cutting-edge professional technical expertise, the company provides differentiated core products and service. Following the principle of customer orientation, GELPAG aims to offer systematic solution and project service covering the entire chain

      Committed to environmental-friendly, low carbon and energy conservation, GELPAG aims to establish advanced distributed power generation platform, provide project service covering the entire chain, promote the establishment of energy Internet and smart energy community, and become the advanced company in supplying whole set of smart energy solution.

      Aim to become the reliable partner of government, enterprises and financial institutions at home and abroad, provide multiple high-end consultancy service while taking energy power projects as the focus, and become the renowned nongovernmental think tank in the energy power industry.

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